“Inside the Orchestra” is brilliant and moving education! Don’t miss their Fundraiser, Thursday, March 5th


The Tiny Tots Inside the Orchestra concert was so amazing!  We were invited to bring the children into a large room in a local community center and sit in front of the conductor.   I looked around and was surprised to see a very large circle of chairs enclosing the seating area.  The children, ranging from 2-4 years old, were excited to see the instruments up close.

The Conductor, Mr. Thomas Jensen, got our attention by welcoming the children and families and telling us that he has four families in his orchestra.   The simple comparison made ears perk up as the Horn “family” started playing behind us!  He launched the entire orchestra into a familiar composition and that’s when I was overcome with emotion.   The music was encircling us and the air was static with the wonder of the children.  We were able to experience what it is like to be truly inside the orchestra, seated on the floor and surrounded by professional musicians!  I loved it so much!


“At this concert, I was feeling so fortunate that it literally made me cry! I know it sounds dramatic, it was such an enormous emotion that I just felt overcome by happiness! Grateful to know that this is available for children to experience!!”

A 45-minute performance, Tiny Tots Inside the Orchestra really does engage, entertain and educate pre-school children six and under.  We were able to interact with the conductor during his scripted comedic overture!   We sat close to the musicians and learned about the instruments.   The conductor was very funny and kept us enthralled for the entire performance.   He helped us to hear the music with our hearts as we “stomped like giants”  and “threw a temper tantrum” during Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, “grow like a garden” with music from 2001: A Space
Odyssey and ride into the sunset with the William Tell Overture.   The Central City Opera Ensemble singer gave us a comical and rousing Figaro!  The concerto featured a lovely 9 year old girl playing incredibly well on the piano .   She told the crowd that she started playing when she was just six years old; so inspiring!

For more information about upcoming programs scheduled  including the February 22nd special appearance by Curious George at McNichols arena click here !   Inside the Orchestra is unique from other organizations in that their sole mission is to bring orchestra music to children through music education outreach programs.

Inside the Orchestra is hosting a very special evening.  You can see how this wonderful project is being shared with the next generation of us and support a wonderful nonprofit too!    Join us!

Inside the Orchestra for Adults 2015

Thursday, March 5th 


Food, wine, beer and fun all evening long! Silent Auction! Live Auction!

Maestro Jensen and the Inside the Orchestra musicians present Inside the Orchestra for Adults

at McNichols Building near Civic Center Park

Here’s a story on CBS about it!

CBS 4 – Marin Alsop and JSG from JSG on Vimeo.


#### Inside the Orchestra, formerly known as the Junior Symphony Guild (JSG), is celebrating a rich history of 50+ years as a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the orchestra in Denver’s community. The JSG was established in 1958 by a group of “junior” aged women whose original mission was to support classical and symphonic music in the Denver metropolitan community.

The Guild realized that there existed a need and an opportunity to introduce children to the orchestra in a way which would engage them and spark a love for the arts. With a directive to “never bore the children”, the JSG hired Thomas H. Jensen (conductor of the Colorado Ballet and radio broadcaster) 24 years ago as Music Director. Maestro Jensen created our “Inside the Orchestra” programs, recognized in 1997 by the American Symphony Orchestra League as “best in the nation”. The programs and following have grown to reach more than 25,000 children (ages 6 and under, and grades K-8) and care-givers each season throughout the Denver area.