What Can I Do? Multimedia Presentation by Laurie D

What can I do?

What can I do?

In 2012, Laurie Dameron decided to use her gift of music, love of art and passion for Planet Earth to reach people in a unique way and inspire them to be better stewards.

This 40 – 60 minute educational, keynote presentation will raise awareness on environmental issues featuring photography by the renowned John Fielder, Karl Snyder and live music by Laurie Dameron.  It includes two trailers of award-winning documentaries and shares information that inspires little lifestyle changes we can take immediate action on that will make a BIG difference in reducing our Carbon Footprint at a critical time in our history.

This is a fun way for people to get inspired to be better stewards of this beautiful planet Earth we live on. Recycling and composting are very important but reduce and reuse is way more important. “What Can I Do?” touches on LITTLE things that folks don’t think about much but that can add up to make a BIG difference!

A portion of the presentation is on the history of our National Parks and Monuments and we are encouraged to visit them in the hopes that we will be inspired to take better care of our planet. If we take care of the land, the land will take care of us!

The first video is “The Story Behind ‘What Can I Do?’” and then the other five music videos .  The music is presented live during a presentation. 
Here is a demo that shows the first few minutes to give you an idea of what the presentation is like:

Laurie Dameron  has been playing the guitar for over 40 years and singing even longer and has produced three CDs.  She is a two time award recipient from Billboard Magazine; was a top ten finalist in the 2011 Tipperary World Peace Song Contest for her song “What Can I Do?” ; received the 2011 REAL Award from Boulder Magazine and won the first place in the jazz category in COMBO’s 2013 Song Contest (Colorado Music Business Association) and most recently passed the first round audition for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT December 7, 2013 at the Denver Convention Center!

Photo below is of Laurie D and Mike Nelson (Meteorologist for Channel 7 Denver)  He did his fabulous presentation right following hers for Super Science Saturday at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder, CO December 2013

Photo below is of Laurie D and Mike Nelson (Meteorologist for Channel 7 Denver) He did his fabulous presentation right following hers for Super Science Saturday at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder, CO December 2013

Laurie D loves being of service and entertaining audiences with a wide repertoire and has always dedicated a portion of the performances to environmental issues. With using multimedia she is hoping to reach larger audiences and make a stronger impact.

We are expanding these presentations for businesses and schools.  Please think about our children’s future! They will inherit the consequences of our present lifestyle.

  You can make a tax-deductible donation to the fiscal sponsor for this project!

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What Can I Do ? Spaceship Earth



Friday evening, Sept 21st, 2012, Eldorado Canyon State Park hosted Laurie D’s Multi-media Environmental Concert with great success and rave reviews.

What an eye opener for all of us who attended and a reminder to do our  share to help the planet. I will remember my cloth grocery bags and never use plastic ones again. Laurie is passionate about what she is doing and will make a difference. My new mantra is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ” thanks to her. I would like to see this concert performed in schools and parks and also local events.

 Constance Roth
GOCO Interpreter  
Eldorado Canyon State Park


Laurie Dameron gave her environmental multi-media presentation in Laramie on Saturday, November 3rd at Coal Creek Coffee.

She kept the audience engaged with a wide-ranging sampling of environmental issues, plus solutions that each member of the audience could take up to help curb environmental problems. Everybody in the audience learned a little about environmental issues, and they all enjoyed the show!

 Erik Molvar
Wildlife Biologist and Executive Director
Biodiversity Conservation Alliance

Laurie Dameron’s Environmental presentation is an excellent mixture of live music and valuable information. We only have one earth. The original songs and presentation make a somewhat nerdy subject interesting and comprehensive. She can entertain and explain and bring us all together with songs

Beverly Sencenbaugh
Palmer High School
Teacher Colorado Springs


“What Can I Do?” is very educational without being preachy. Laurie presents an entertaining and informative show.

 Bobbi Benesh
Adult programming Loveland Public Library


Laurie presented a dynamic multimedia show which was engaging on multiple levels. Utilizing a slide presentation as a vehicle for compelling information and singing original songs inspired students and staff alike. The message Laurie conveys in this unique and entertaining way is one of responsibility and hope. Students walked away with an increased awareness regarding the various ways that citizens can help mitigate environmental degradation.

David Elmore-Dean of Students at Watershed School Boulder, CO


I have seen Laurie D’s presentation three times already and I’m a huge fan. I enjoy the music, the stunning photography, and the practical advice she gently offers. But what I love most is soaking in the heartfelt passion she has for protection of this exquisite Earth.

Daniel Ziskin, PhD
Beeco, Director of Technology



Past Venues:


Anthem Ranch Senior Community Earth Day Celebration 2014 Broomfield, CO

Boulder Guitar Society Boulder, CO

Boulder OUTLOOK Hotel BIBA Brown Bag Lunch and Learn (Boulder County Independent Business Association)

Bramford Condominiums Boulder, CO

Carillon Senior Retirment Boulder, CO

Coal Creek Coffee Company Laramie, WY

(special guest speaker Erik Molvar wildlife biologist and director of Biodiversity Conservation Alliance)

Colorado Environmental Film Fest Golden, CO 2014

Creekside Senior Living Lakewood, CO

Crones Council Conference Salt Lake City, UT 2012

Crones Council Conference Asilomar Center Pacific Grove, CA 2013
Douglass County Parker Library Parker, CO

Eagle Public Library Eagle, CO
Eldorado Canyon State Park Eldorado Springs, CO

(opening singer/songwriter Robin Richardson & poet Valerie Szarek)

Frasier Meadows Senior Retirement Boulder, CO

Good Samaritan Society Windsor, CO

IBM Quarter Century Club Boulder, CO

Lafayette Public Library Lafayette, CO

Loveland Library Loveland, CO

Maitreya Sangha Spiritual Center Boulder, CO

Morning Star Applewood Retirement Lakewood, CO

NCAR Super Science Saturday (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Boulder, CO
New Frontier Market Prescott,  AZ

New Vista High School Boulder, CO

PAC3 Foundation Carbondale, CO (special guest speaker Marilyn Gleason)

Phoenix Asylum Boulder, CO

Prescott College Prescott, AZ

REI Boulder

RiverPointe Senior Community Littleton, CO

Ross Cherry Creek Library Denver, CO

Sam Gary Library Denver, CO
Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place Boulder, CO

(opening Janis Kelly and Spirit Voices)

Silt Public Library Silt. CO  (special guest speaker Marilyn Gleason)

Southwest Acupuncture College Lunch and Learn Boulder, CO

Swallow Hill Denver, CO

(opening Earth Guardians http://www.earthguardians.org)

Tapestry of Life Allenspark, CO

Unity Church of Boulder EARTH DAY 2013 (opening Janis Kelly and Spirit Voices, poet Valerie Szarek,  art work of Wendy Rochman and Anne Gifford,  special guest speakers Daniel Ziskin, PhD, Kie Peterson, Laura Brower and “Earthy Man”)

Vail Library Vail, CO

Watershed High School Boulder, CO

Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living Fort Collins, CO

Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center Nederland,CO 2012

Wild Bear Wild Earth Day Celebration Nederland, CO 2014

Wildwood Sounds Del Norte, CO   (special guest speaker Tom Wolter from the “Rio Grande Watch Dogs”)

Windhorse Community Services Boulder, CO