The Sweet Lillies

The Sweet Lillies

The Sweet Lillies

High energy, progressive, original Americana/Jamgrass/Bluegrass music Colorado style.

The band derives its strength from the original and compelling song writings of both Julie Gussaroff & Juliane Stratton. The driving, unrelenting, and exacting rhythms of Julie Gussaroff on upright Bass/Mandolin/Vocals with Juliane Stratton on Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, creates a captivating fusion.
Paired with the very lovely styling’s of Alexandra Schwan on Vocals/Washboard and Becca Bisque on Viola/Vocals, the angelic, vocal harmonies that the talented Sweet Lillies share creates a sound that is both engaging and unrivaled! The chemistry between these 4 lovely women is gripping and refreshing, on & off the stage. This band’s creativity is matched by the quality of it’s musicianship and capacity. The sound is unique and progressive but is also high energy enough to get you up on your feet dancing.

The Sweet Lillies have enjoyed sharing the stage with Kyle Hollingsworth, Tyler Grant, Jeff Scroggins, Jake Wolf, Ian Anderson, ChadZilla, Chris Sheldon, Zebulon Bowles, Joe Lessard.

This band’s creativity is matched by the quality of it’s  musicianship and capacity. The sound is gripping and progressive but is also high energy enough to get you up on your feet dancing. The two songwriting styles and the musicians come together to weave a beautiful musical story that is forceful, haunting, beautiful.


The Sound of the sweet lilies is driven by the masterful instrumentation of it’s members.

Julie G

The Mandolin of Julie Gussaroff weaves and flows and crafts a unique sound that is all her own. Julie was raised in New York City and was trained by her virtuosic father as a vocalist and guitar player. Julie moved to Colorado to pursue music and found the mandolin. It was love at first sight and she has been playing it with fervor ever since all across the Front Range. Julie Gussaroff has had a highly diverse career and has shared the stage with the likes of Todd Mohr and Brian Nevins of Big Head Todd, Members of the Samples Sean Kelly, Jeep Macnichol and Al Laughlin, Members of Mountain Standard Time, Mollie Obien, Chris Sauthoff of Parliment Funkadelic, Doug Kershaw, Benny Galloway, Joe Lessard of Head for the Hills, Bill Mckay, Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon, Andy Thorn of Leftover Salmon, members of Oakhurst just to name a few.

Julie Stratton

Julianne Stratton is a powerful songwriter, singer and rhythm guitar player, she takes the stage with almost a ferocity of spirit. Julianne is a native of Colorado and is known along the front range for her tremendous song writing, high energy stage performance and vocal capacity. Julie has shared the stage with greats like Benny Galloway, Sally Van Meeter, Members of Mountain Standard time, Bill Mckay, Members of Oakhurst and more.

Alexandra Schwan has steady roots in music since early childhood. Her strong vocals and eloquent harmonies are coveted. She has sung with Dead Phish Orchestra, Gasoline Lollipops & Big Medicine Gang to name a few.

Becca Bisque

Becca Bisque on the viola is a breath of fresh air, she is a new comer to the scene. Her virtuosity and personality create a compelling and sensitive performance. Becca also has a gripping soprano vocal sound that when joined with the other voices in the band grabs the listener as stunning and compelling. Becca is a Native of Colorado and holds huge promise for her coming career.

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